Why Choose Muggie's?
  1. Quality Ingredients
    Muggie's uses simple, human-grade ingredients to create our delicious dog treat mix. You won't have to wonder if you're feeding your pet by-products, fillers and chemicals you can't pronounce.
  2. One Pet Lover to Another
    Tired of paying top dollar for processed dog cookies off the shelf, I decided to try my hand at making a healthier alternative for my dogs at home. I'm not big corporation, just a dog lover who wanted something better to feed my pets.
  3. No Breaking the Bank
    Comparable dog treats at a pet store are more costly than Muggie's. Averaging at just about $.15 a cookie, these are an affordable way to provide your pet with quality treats.
  4. Quick & Easy to Make
    Wanting quick and wanting quality, I've arrived at this delicious (pet-approved!) recipe. In about 20 minutes, you'll have fresh home made cookies for your best friend!
  1. Ziggy
    After picking up some mix, Zig's owners have been whipping up a number of flavors. He loves them all, but so far peanut butter 'n bacon is his fav!

    Keep on enjoying the treats, Ziggy!

  2. Meet Madeleine
    Little Madeleine loves to help prepare cookies for her pups Leo and Tetrus. Here she is waiting on a recent batch to cool.

    ​Keep up the great work, Madeleine!

  3. Duncan & Lily
    Per their owner, these two were like little kids waiting on their cookies to bake. It was a struggle for them to wait for them to cool!

    Glad you pups loved them!

    Owners: Linda & Colin of Middleton, NH
  4. Oh, hey, Izzy!
    Her owner says she loves Muggie's so much that she fusses every time he goes near the kitchen.

    But who could resist those eyes? We know we couldn't! 

    Owner: Les of Gilford, NH
  5. This is Clara
    One bag of cookie mix lasts her three weeks! Her human says she loves the taste and he loves the price point.

    That's a win-win in our book! So glad you love them, Clara!

    Owner: Trevor of Portsmouth, NH
  6. Here's Lucy!
    Lucy loves her Muggie's treats. In fact, every time her owner heads to the kitchen she whines for more. 

    Glad to hear you're loving them, Lucy!

    Owner: Les of Gilford, NH
  7. Meet Spanky
    You guessed it. He's watching the oven for the exact moment his Muggie's cookies are ready. And his owner says he loves them!

    So glad we can make this big guy's day with quality, yummy treats straight from the oven!

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